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Discussion: Best Practical Reuse


The top ten practical reuses of the orange bin as selected by the judges are shown below.  Included in the 102 entries in the “practical category,” there were multiple ideas that were similar, (ie: using the orange bin to take returnable cans and bottles back to the store.)   The judges had the difficult task of diligently reviewing each entry to select these finalists.

Remember, these are our friends and neighbors of all ages who submitted these ideas. We welcome constructive, respectful and positive comments if you wish to post.


With four drainage holes and free compost from the Windsor landfill, the recycling bins can begin their next chapter as perfect planters for cultivating organic vegetables.  It can be used YEAR AFTER YEAR. Their color and distinctive Windsor logo will make "little orange" upcycled planters a badge of recycling pride.

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Bonnie Karkowski almost 10 years ago

This is a good idea, but most of us have only one bin. Perhaps the town should have collected all the bins that no one wanted to keep and had them available for those with need for many. If anyone still has their bin and decides not to keep it, please post it on Freecycle or some other site to put it in the hands of someone like our organic grower who has a need for more than one.

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Joanne Coghill almost 10 years ago

You go Mei!!

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Mayyun Chyi almost 10 years ago

Cool! It's such a good idea. I will give a try!

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