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In 2012 the Windsor Board of Education implemented an elementary school reorganization that changed the boundaries for full day kindergarten programs within the district. The kindergarten programs were placed in other school facilities therefore the classroom space at the Wolcott Early Childhood School was no longer needed.  In the summer of 2013 the Board of Education voted to turn over the control of the building to the Windsor Town Council.  Since that time the building has been partially occupied by Team Paragon a community based not-for profit organization.


The present town owned site at Windsor Ave and East Wolcott, has housed a school building since 1856.  The first school was built and operated by the First School Society and there has been three other schools on the site since then.  One was built in 1916, the third in 1926 and the current building was constructed in 1967.  The attached picture is circa 1965 and is looking north to south along Windsor Avenue.  The first structure is the 1926 building and second two story building was built in 1916.

Feel free to share your memories of the various Wolcott Schools as well as the Wilson neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of Windsor Historical Society

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Pat Snietka about 9 years ago

I attended Roger Wolcott School from 1941 through 1949-50. I grew up on East Barber Street and I have good memories of the Roger Wolcott School and growing up in Wilson.

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