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Discussion: Best Creative Reuse


The top ten creative reuses of the orange bin as selected by the judges are shown below.  Many of the 89 entries in the “creative category,” were extremely imaginative!  The judges had the difficult task of diligently reviewing each entry to select these finalists.

Remember, these are our friends and neighbors of all ages who submitted these ideas. We welcome constructive, respectful and positive comments if you wish to post.


First the bin is used for our son Arlo to transport delicious lemonade-making supplies to an area on our street where there is a lot of people passing by. Then, the bin will be used as a makeshift table to hold the lemonade on for him to sell! All proceeds from the lemonade will go to the ASPCA to help animals in need.

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sharon beaulieu over 8 years ago

What a great idea! Making use of this colorful bin to raise $$ for a non profit organization such as ASPCA is just wonderful. That little boy is very cute too.

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Mike Potetz over 8 years ago

Awesome idea!!!

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